Friday, August 28, 2009

chill (:

fr you: -

you, chill okayy (:

remember, there's someone behind you. hm mm, wait, i don't think so that he will be at ur behind but the point is, yeah he will hold your hand and walk through your tough and hard moment. wink wink. (;

and one moreeee, he will dry ur crying eyes.

don't worry bout him because he will be happy when u're happy.

once u get hurt, anytime he will be there fr you (:

he wants you to live ur life with a happiness, not in a sadness.

hehe ;)

he=him=ur hero


  1. haha i know u're one of the sweetest men in the world :')

    *i pulak yg touched, padahal ni post utk org lain ahaha

  2. haha raja ckp org.. die lagi ah double jiwang haha