Wednesday, July 22, 2009


haaa da masok hostel ni i left everything outside there but i just bring in one heart x) hmm,x boring lahh sbb slalu je ditemani sumone tuu kan. haha all the time je senyum2 sengih2 x)
wowww life kat mfi. haha quite best jgk tapi lagi best if ade transport :D
bole kuar sesuka hati en. haha dah la roommate totally sume x bape betul doing jokes anytime. hahaha cant stop laughing lahh. btw mmg terkejut ngn condition in the first class -,- haih crap. x expect pun mende ni jadi. haha mmm luckily u're there 2 calm me down. thankssss andandand then i do miss youuu (:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

12 july

xtau la bape lame =,=

andddd btw, im gonna miss 'you' n the others x)


hmm im preparing fr anythng tht will happen,
happiness, sadness or anything else.

evrythng tht hppens, will hppen btw, i'm not expecting the worst thing to happen n i never request for it but i'm just hoping the best come with me.

as long as i hve you to walk along with me (: