Friday, March 13, 2009

aiman tourek.

bila lagi mau karaoke?
n ajiz, let's rock. ngahaha

ehhh, aku ngan lagu2 genre COUNTRY jee. haha

regret. again n again. arghh! frust!!

grrrr ! nothing.

xpe, kejayaan pd mase hadapan tak bergantung pada sehelai kertas yang diberi pd 12mac.

accept the faith

ok lah kott my result.hmm

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


my dogi died just a few hours ago. n im really sad.

baru nak tunjuk result SPM kat die sok. ):

yeah dogi, u leave me. bye2 ):

i'll always miss you..damn much.

*dogi my hamster.

Monday, March 2, 2009

sumthin need to go out of my system

me, you and her.

yess. i do change my mind. b4 this mmg xde niat punn. but now i realise, i can't let myself living in world full of sadness. i can't lie to myself anymre. i noe its over.

anyway me n her r just fren. so close, like bestbestfren. umo die pun da sebaya dgn adik n she's like my own sister. bukan bercinta punn. don't know if she can help erase da pain, but its worth da shot.

then kita pun just frens kan. nothin more than frens. if i'd say i love you, will you say it back to me? hurmmm, gud question..... this is all da things dat i want to let it out of my system, written in word.