Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bored, tired but happy

haha. i'm sooo bored.
game pun dah bosannn.

every mornin i wake up bout 10am. turn on the music player.
'david archuleta-you can/when you believe'.
I play the song every morning when i wake up and i sing with the music...i love it very much, thanks God for everything.
pastu mandi lahh kann.
then my mum akan jerit kat downstair but sometimes die call. 'yooiii! amik adik'.
that is the words i hear everyday since i dpt licence krete. heish. haha

balik je uma, nothing to do, just playing game. fifa 2009. yeah fifa 09.

hmmmm, then hnta adik skola again. heish2. budak budak sekolah. haha

go bck home again n continue fifa 09! yeah. haha.
nothing else to do lah kan. hve no idea.

if boring sgtsgtsgt, zzzzzz. (-,-)zZZ
I'm not sleeping very well at the moment. I was wondering if anybody could suggest anything for me. kadang2 tu, g la kuar g mane2 yang nak g kan. enjoy2! no homework,no study. x skolaaa. lets drive~ weee~ (:

nikmat abes skolaaaaaa. (:

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